What Would KBC Be Like with an Indian Father’s Touch? Truly Hilarious!

Everything becomes more real and relatable to us when an Indian touch is added to it. It’s obviously because we are Indians; it’s also because it is more like we have already faced similar situations ourselves. So, in this post we have compiled some day to day situations or conversations we have with our dads with something interesting – ‘Kisko Milegi Pocket Money’ – a side-splitting version of Kaun Banega Crorepati.

So, let us begin the game show. By the way, we forgot to tell you that your Dad is the host. No worries! You can thank us later.

  • Ukhaadna to MBA kar ke bhi kuch nahi hai, but still the last option is the safest. Agree?

  • Here comes the Brahmastra of Indian dads- ‘Paise ped pe ugte hain kya?’ No matter how genuine he sounds while asking this question, always say no. I repeat always say ‘no’.

  • You can’t play with him on this one. Duh! He is your dad and ‘Baap baap hota hai’.

  • To this question, don’t just react like ‘No way, Dad’. ‘I have a personal life’. Otherwise we don’t know kisko milegi pocket money, but we definitely know kisko nahi milegi pocket money. So, be sure.

  • Please just think of the future consequences and be prepared for a debate before answering ‘Sab kucch’. Please!

  • Déjà vu right? Never say ‘It’s fashion’. Otherwise, you will have to listen to back to back stories of his on ‘Hamare time me toh…’

  • And here comes – Arey! bike kyun? Helicopter le le na.

  • First option is so us, it’s technically, yes but you want to win this game show. So, it’s technically, no.

  • According to an Indian survey Dads hearing ability goes up exponentially at night. Cheers to that!

  • Shaktimaan, is that you?

  • This is not the right time to introduce your girlfriend to your family. Definitely not!

  • We all hated that ‘Sharma ji ka ladka’. Didn’t we?

This depicts the kind of relationship we have with our dads. They don’t show it, but we know how much they love us. Time to make a call!

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Girls never understand !!! ??

Girls never understand !!!

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