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Do you know? It Rains Solid Diamonds in Uranus and Neptune


The Universe is even more mysterious and fantastic than we think. You will be shocked to know that it rains Diamond on planets Uranus and Neptune. Shocked? Well,You should be.

Scientists have forecast rain storms of solid diamonds. The gems form in the hydrocarbon-rich oceans of Uranus and Neptune. Scientists have speculated that the extreme pressures in this region might split those molecules into atoms of hydrogen and carbon. The latter will later crystallize to form diamonds.

Do you know? It rains Solid Diamonds in Uranus and Neptune

However, it is not proven that it really works. “Previously, researchers could only assume that the diamonds had formed,” lead author Dominik Kraus, Physicist at the Helmholtz Dresden-Rossendorf research center in Germany, told. “When I saw the results of this latest experiment, it was one of the best moments of my scientific career.”

Neptune and Uranus are 17 and 15 times the mass of Earth, respectively. Their oceans are crushed by pressures, million times more intense than the air pressure at Earth’s sea level.

To match this absurd intensity, Kraus and his colleagues used two types of laser,  one optical and one X-ray. This will be for producing shock waves. Then these waves were driven through a block of polystyrene, a plastic type consisting hydrogen and carbon, similar to Uranus and Neptune’s oceans.

Uranus and Neptune

“The first smaller, slower wave is overtaken by another stronger second wave,” Kraus explained. The combination of the two waves squeezed the plastic to 150 gigapascals of pressure(more than the Earth’s mantle). And heated it to more than 8,500 degrees. At that moment, the diamonds began to form.

‘Diamonds produced are only a nanometer in length, and the process lasted only a fraction of second.’ However, it is believed by Kraus that the Diamonds of the rain storms in Uranus and Neptune will be bigger in size and will last longer as well.

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