Know The Items That Were Invented Due To War

War … what is it good for? The usual retort is “absolutely nothing.” The actual answer is a bit more complicated. When talking about some of the wars that have gone on throughout history, there are some things that have actually come out of war that we probably feel we cannot live without these days. This does not mean the inventions are objects of war but tend to be things that came about during a time of war because the people who invented them realized they were needed for various shocking reasons. Check out our list of 10 inventions we have war to thank for and then tell us how many times you’ve used these inventions.

Silly Putty

Now known as a children’s toy, Silly Putty was created when the US government was looking for a cheap alternative to rubber during World War II. It came into its own as a toy after the war, once the government realized it didn’t quite fit the bill as a rubber replacement.



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