Kohli’s Hilarious Face Drew More Attention than the Actual Match Going on between India and Bangladesh

People were glued to their TV sets watching the second semi-final of ICC Champions Trophy between India and Bangladesh in Birmingham. Bangladesh was playing really good when in the 36th over Mushfiqur Rahim was dismissed. The man was caught by Kohli at midwicket and the reaction that Kohli gave after taking the catch resulted in the internet concentrating on ‘memeing’ him.

  •    The reaction is more like a dog seeing the whole leg of chicken right in front of him.

  •    Looks like Kohli finally deciphered what women actually like…

  •    Do you really need an emoticon when the real is here?

  •    This is how a person feels after seeing a stupendous meal spread after the whole day of fasting during Ramzan.

  •    He knows how to distract people in a class.

  •    The feeling of déjà vu when your elder brother gets scolded for your crime.

  •    Getting relieved after days of constipation.

  •    OMG… good these chapli kebabs taste….why didn’t I try it earlier?

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What an Idea?? Lol.

Could you handle the cage of death??

Could you handle the cage of death??