Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Are Now Getting a Serious Makeover

Krispy Kreme recently announced 4 new premium doughnuts and now they sound much more elaborate. The freshly introduced flavors are now selling well in Japan for approximately $2.46. What actually makes it worth is it is almost two times as much as the specialty doughnut and around 2.5 times the original? It now looks really beautiful with some amazing colors as well as flavors that are simply superb.

The new Krispy Kreme Premium Latte Bunny is actually themed on Easter with a nice looking rabbit’s head, which is made of icing and some cookies at the center. The Almond flakes top chocolate frosting covers the donut filled with latte cream. Latte Bunny will stop selling after April 11 as this is made exclusively for this season.

The bunny may probably be the cutest in the bunch; however, the most incredible sounding is Brulee Glazed cream. The custard cream that is inside this one is just too good. It is made available all through the year.

Sakura, which is a sweet and also sour doughnut that is filled with cherry paste, berries, and also whipped cream, is all set to be sold during the spring season. The icing is basically cherry flavored and people will just love it. Then you have this Matcha Adzuki Doughnut that comes with green tea flavor cream and red bean paste acts as filler. This is sold until the 30th of May. You can try it out if you are in Japan.

Hopefully, Japan will start opening more shops across the globe and sell these mouthwatering doughnuts. Who wouldn’t want to get a bite of these ultra-tasty doughnuts?

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