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The Latest Christmas Trend Of Beard Lights Is Simply Taking The Internet By Storm!!


The beard baubles and glitter beards, have become to old for hipsters. Thus most are now opting for the latest Christmas trend- that is decorating their beards with twinkling fairy lights to add an extra festive touch to chin fuzz this Christmas season.

East Village E20, London is providing a beard pimping service to all the gentlemen desiring to adorn themselves with the yuletide facial hair accessory. This certainly allow every hirsute gentleman with the chance to get in with the trend providing some much needed smiles after a year of very serious news. Since beards have become ever-more popular, and ever-lengthening, amongst people of different age groupmost thought of a way to add it as a part of the Christmas-party look and this year. So just check out the images featuring a bearded gentleman sporting beard lights!!

The Latest Christmas Trend Of Beard Lights Is Simply Taking The Internet By Storm!!

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