Latest iPhone 6s Leak Shows Off Force Touch Technology

New photos revealing how Apple’s latest innovation could be implemented in the hotly anticipated iPhone 6s have leaked online, following supply-side reports that Apple has ramped up production of the upcoming smartphone’s new displays. The latest leaks show images of what is purported to be the iPhone 6s display outfitted with new components that will enable Force Touch in the upcoming handset.

Posted by Chinese repair firm Geekbar on Weibo and first spotted by Steven Hemmerstoffer of, the images show what could be the front and back views of the iPhone 6s front panel with the new LCD components. Although the pictures show the same rounded edges of the glass display as seen in the iPhone 6 and the speaker and the front camera appear to be in the same position, there are a couple of notable changes that point to the incorporation of Force Touch into the new displays.

First off is a rectangular cutout on the upper center of the screen, through which a small, rectangular component can be seen. Geekbar does not mention what this new component is, but Apple Insider speculates that it could be a grounding insert. Another major departure can be seen along the sides of the display’s backing, where it appears that the display uses rivets instead of the usual screws and clips to stay in place. There also appears small, black dots on the sides, which are not found on the earlier iPhone’s displays. Again, Geekbar makes no mention of what these dots could be, but they might be part of the implementation of Force Touch.

Force Touch is a pressure-sensitive Apple technology that allows a device to distinguish between different types of touch. A light tap and a deep press require different amounts of pressure and being able to tell the difference between both can give the iPhone 6s added functionality not available in previous models. Only the Apple Watch and the newest MacBooks unveiled by Apple earlier this year have Force Touch-enabled displays, but Apple is expected to add the new feature to its next smartphone, which is highly believed to be the iPhone 6s expected for an official unveiling in September.

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