Latest Technology to Help Blind, Vision Impaired on Show

Canberra artist Lien To has been able to continue the hobby she loves thanks to the latest in technological advances for people who are blind or visually impaired. This weekend, the latest in adaptive technology has been on display in Canberra. The exhibition, hosted by the Royal Society for the Blind (RSB) Canberra Blind Society, aims to introduce clients to adaptive technology which could make their lives easier.

“I’m an artist so I use CCTV technology to draw a lot of patterns,” Ms To said. “It makes things bigger and because I do a lot of fine detail work, it makes it so much easier,” Ms To said events like the RSB Canberra Blind Society Overview days helped her keep up with changes in technology.

“Technology changes every single day and every single year,” she said. “It’s just so interesting to learn what all these new gadgets can do and how they can make life easier for people with vision impairment. “It was very annoying and it took up the whole space and now you’ve got technology that can enlarge things for you and you can read a normal-size page without any difficulty.”

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