Latest Trending Jokes and Memes on Twitter are about Arijit Singh- the Sadness King

Arijit Singh brings emotions into everyone else’s lives. Mostly these emotions are the emotions of love and sadness. His voice has a certain level of pain attached to it, that makes everyone feel whatever he feels or is trying to make the others feel. The general populous connects to his songs directly on an emotional level.

He is one of the most sought after singers currently and our twitterati got a whiff of that. It was certain that there was going to be a string of memes and jokes following that. Here are some of the best picks of the jokes and memes circling on Twitter about the great Arijit Singh. PS I love his songs!

  • Lovers, even if they are non-existent, can betray you and hurt you:

@Wut_is_yo_face has felt the pain of Arijit’s singing so much that she wants to cry her eyes out even when she has no lover yet. That is the power of Arijit Singh!

  • How to Offend Arijit Singh!

A fan wouldn’t say this though. Generally the fans are like Arijit only. They absolutely love the sadness of life and adore it with open arms!

  • How Arijit Singh rehearses song lyrics:

It is natural that he himself cries due to the lyrics of his songs! The pain is real people!!!

  • The Burden of Feelings does this:

This is known as the Arijit effect. It makes you feel pity for everyone around you and for yourself as well. The burden crushes you and you become dead inside!

  • Bappi Lehri and Michael Phelps Trolled:

Arijit Singh’s songs aren’t just sad, they are wealthy too. They have a lot of gold and Bappi Lehri and Michael Phelps want that gold!

As you can see, Arijit Singh’s pain is felt globally and his songs are pretty awesome. Thank you for bringing your voice in our life Arijit Singh!

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