Legendary Moving Dialogues Of Indian Movies That Make Us Feel Proud Of Bollywood

It is a highly debatable topic amongst movie lovers that which movie industry makes better movies, Hollywood or Bollywood? While Hollywood has the upper edge in terms of funding and technologies, Bollywood is still one of the biggest movie industries in the world. You really can’t compare both these movie industries as they are awesome at their own level.

Bollywood movies inspire and also make us laugh at the same time. They have a way to connect with us on our innermost emotions and the only way they are able to this is by the heartfelt moving dialogues written by the writers and the incredible dialogue delivery of the greatest stars of Bollywood. Here are a few of the most inspiring and awestruck dialogues of Bollywood movies:

  • Dhoom 3:

Although the movie didn’t do well in terms of critics’ approval but when it comes to making money, it was the sixth highest grossing Indian film. Out of all the corny dialogues of the movie, this one just spoke to us.

  • Anand:

When an actor like Rajesh Khanna delivers a dialogue, the wordings don’t generally matter but with this dialogue, even the wordings are a reminder of the legendary actor’s work in this awesome movie.

  • Jannat:

This anti-hero love story is the favorite of everyone who was born after 1990 and dialogues like these aren’t spoken anymore.

  • Dear Zindagi:

In a list for best dialogues, it is impossible to leave out Shahrukh Khan. Here is one of his best dialogues from one of his latest movies.

  • Baabul:

The movie was incredible and the actors were incredible. So were the dialogues. But the awesomeness was when a legend like Amitabh Bachchan spoke these lines.

These dialogues have touched our hearts and will forever be in our memory and only Bollywood industry could have given us something like this.

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