If there’s one thing we know about T-Mobile CEO John Legere, it’s that he’s never afraid of a good old-fashioned price war — even with one of the biggest names in tech. Not even a full 24 hours after Apple shook things up with a new way to buy iPhones on a monthly installment plan, T-Mobile announced a promotion of its own. At just $20 per month, it comes in about $125 less than Apple’s offer of $27 per month for just a phone. If you compare the promotion to Apple’s new upgrade plan that includes a few perks for $32.41 per month, T-Mobile’s discount is even steeper.

I’ll compare all the offer details for the 16GB model of iPhone 6s. Prices go up if you want the 6s Plus or additional storage, but it gives a good baseline. Under the promotion T-Mobile announced on Thursday, you can buy a 16GB iPhone 6s from them for $20 per month for 18 months. At that point, you can either trade it in and call it a day, or pay another $164 to keep the phone. That comes out to a total of $524.

The deal comes with T-Mobile’s standard option to upgrade your device to a newer model up the three times per year. It also comes with a new “Lifetime Coverage Guarantee,” meaning T-Mobile will unlock your phone and let you go to another carrier if you’re ever unsatisfied with your cell service.

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