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LG thinks HDR is the future of 4K TVs

Who said OLEDs are too dim to deliver awesome 4K content? On Thursday, LG unveiled HDR (High Dynamic Range) OLED technology for UHD TVs that it believes beats standard LCD on most critical viewing metrics. These HDR 4K OLED TVs will arrive in 2016. The company hinted at the HDR technology at CES 2015, but never officially announced anything.1-2 During what could best be described as a master class in display technology, LG explained at a Thursday morning IFA 2015 press conference how OLED’s more precise pixel control, which allows for better regional contrast, better blacks and truer colors offers better support for a full spectrum of high dynamic range (from true black to true white). Another way to think about this is in terms of F-Stops on a camera. Standard LCD handles about 12 F-stops. OLED handles roughly 20.1-3However, the key to tapping into this ability is content companies providing HDR content. In other words, you may not enjoy the best experience with 4K OLED TVs without HDR content from television and movie studios. Standard HD TVs and 4K TVs without HDR content won’t be able to play HDR content.

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