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LG’s Rolly Wireless Keyboard Rolls Up Into a Pocketable Stick

If you find yourself having to type out long messages on your phone regularly, you might want to pick up a portable Bluetooth keyboard — and LG’s Rolly might be one of the most portable yet. The key rows fold up around a squarish center, making for a sort of stick or baton when you want to put it away.1-2 But unfolded, it has more depth and space than many silicone keyboard cases and the like. Sure, the Textblade is smaller, but its keys are tiny. And Microsoft’s new one is flatter, but also much wider. LG’s Rolly also has a little stand with which you can prop up your tablet. It’s powered by one AAA battery.1-1You’ll probably wish you’d brought your laptop anyway, but no one knows when the need to tap out an idea or brush up one’s resume will strike. Better to be prepared. The Rolly will be available starting in September, at which time LG will announce pricing.

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