The Life of a Chennai Kid…

Every city harbors its own unique culture that runs in the heart of its people. Have a look at these hilarious pictures that will perfectly show the life of a kid growing up in Chennai.


  • Forget the CAT exams, these were probably the toughest choices you had to make in life!


How could one ever choose between sweet chilli and sour cream!


  • That would be me “melting” in the summer


No kidding here.


  • The first date by default in Chennai means the beach

Sun, sand, waves, kadala vendors, friendly strays, the occasional policeman doing his rounds, what could be more romantic?


Romantic yet light on the pocket.


  • Those shared corns and bhajis, stir up some nostalgic memories


It also happen to be the best way to end those beachy dates.


  • A mandatory interruption by a josiyakaari



  • The emotions!


Your exact feelings when your mum betrays you with idly maavu in the name of food


  • The only way to make your momma proud


By entering those gates


  • When Power Rangers was dubbed in Tamil

"Power Rangers SPD naangal ulagathai kaapom!"


“Power Rangers SPD naangal ulagathai kaapom!”

Not sure if those were tears of joy or sadness…


  • Having to go to school on Rajni Fridays…3 words


‘Worst Feeling Ever’


  • When you find out where you are being taken to school trip


Guindy Zoo…AGAIN!


  • One thing you wouldn’t mind being judge for

Totally worth it.


Another appalam please.


  • While your friends visit Taj Mahal…


You visit Mahabs & Pondy every damn year.


  • If you have shopped successfully in Pondy Bazaar or Ranganathan


You can straight up face any damn thing in life!

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My Daddy is Intelligent !!

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