The Life Cycle of a Foodie

It’s hard to be a foodie and I say this in all seriousness. The judgmental look we have to face every time we reach out for an extra slice of pizza, its hard, real hard. Nevertheless a real foodie wouldn’t care less. Trust me I have tried. Have a look at the hilarious memes and let us know if you can relate to it. I could definitely relate to almost all!

  • The derailment

The cycle goes on…

  • The love triangle

The inner battle between what we WANT and what we NEED. SRK we feel you man!

  • Anthem of every foodie

Lyrics are so on point.

  • The wake-up call

When your regret eating that extra slice of double cheese pizza

  • How a foodie would propose

How could anybody say NO to that!

  • The human life cycle

Eat, Facebook, cry, sleep and repeat!

  • The logic

Our brain comes up with such crazy logic, every damn time we decide to go on diet!

  • The To-Do-List

What was I doing again? Oh! Right studying…

  • The chase

The DDLJ version of every foodie!

  • The schedule

  • The P.O.A (Plan of Action)

Hmmm…maybe the next time.

  • The consistency

Happens every damn year!

  • The discrepancy

Because we never do what we are supposed to do! The golden rule of life.

  • The mandatory weekly lie

…Except it would be a like for a foodie. It would be a kick-ass kind of weekend

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