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The Light Pillars Phenomena Captured In The Photographs Are Simply Mesmerizing!!


It is said that the night is full of mysteries and a lot of mystical things occur during the night. But we are often unable to witness those from our bed. But Photographer Timothy Joseph Elzinga had her own reasons to wake up late at night. She was recently woken up by his 2-year-old boy Gibson at 1:30 a.m. when his son spotted beautiful color lights dancing in the sky. Timothy quickly picked up his camera and shot some amazing photos of what he later realized is a phenomenon, called “light pillars.”

“I thought it was The Northern Lights because we live in Canada,” Elzinga exclaimed. “It was a super clear night, you could see everything. These lights were [shooting] into the sky, blasting hundreds of feet in the air, and they were shimmering and moving.”

A light pillar is an atmospheric optical phenomenon, which is an interaction of light with ice crystals. When the temperature drops and these crystals position themselves horizontally as they fall through the air, they act as “vessels” for light, shooting it upwards. Let’s take a look at the photos of light pillars taken from all around the world and witness it’s amazing scenic beauty.

The Light Pillars Captures By This Photographer Are Simply Mesmerizing!!



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