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London Witnessed Final Big Ben Bongs in an Emotional Way

London witnessed final Big Ben Bongs in an emotional way

And it was all silence in London after the sound of the Big Ben. At least for the next four years, London’s pride Big Ben tower will undergo a restoration project. It came as an emotional moment for the citizens of London, they just want to listen the Bongs of the Ben again!

Crowds gathered around Parliament to hear the final set of Bongs that have been an almost constant presence, heard not just in London but around the world. This event started trending in the news & on internet soon after. Two BBC News bulletins each day, at 6 p.m. and midnight, begin with the famous sound, which the broadcaster first used in 1924.

People are always respectful & emotional about this bell, because During World War II, when the bells carried on tolling after a brief interlude, the sound of Big Ben gave troops a lift in morale and provided hope to those in occupied countries like France.

“It was our lifeblood, and it was our comfort, and it kept us sane,” Ginette Spanier, a former director of the Paris fashion house Pierre Balmain, once told the BBC.


During the restoration work, Big Ben’s Great Clock will be dismantled piece by piece with each cog examined and restored — a process that, alone, is expected to take about two years. During that time, a temporary solution will be found to allow Big Ben to ring in the new year and to chime each November to remember Britain’s war dead.

The tower, officially known as the Elizabeth Tower and commonly referred to as Big Ben, and the clock mechanism and faces that are showing signs of aging. Paint is flaking, the masonry is cracking, the roof is leaking and the metalwork is rusting. All need to be addressed to keep the tower from disintegrating.

The restoring work will take about four years for the bell to be renovated again to Bong. People admitted that the Bell is really ‘Close to their hearts’ & they will sorely feel the absence of it for the upcoming four years.

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