The look on Hilary Clinton’s face while reading headline about Mike Pence’s email goes viral

A photo of Hilary Clinton, a former presidential candidate, glancing a newspaper headline, which said that US Vice President Mike Pence used their private mail in office, has just gone viral on the web. Thousands of online people commented on the picture and the expression on her face was priceless.

Mike Pence and many others who were involved in the Republican side of the presidential campaign, last year, bad mouthed Hilary for using private email servers while she was US Secretary of State.

Hilary was traveling from Boston to New York when a passenger took this photo on Friday, glancing down at USA Today’s page headline that said Mike Pence had used his personal email while in Office.

The use by Mike Pence of his AOL account was reported first on Thursday by Indianapolis Star. The news report said that, Pence had used the account while he was the governor of Indiana discussing homeland security and other sensitive matters. This account also got hacked last summer.

On Friday, Pence clarified that he was within the laws of Indiana when he used his email account. An outside attorney was reviewing his private email and archiving the emails related to the state business.

Mike Pence and US President Donald Trump said during the campaign that, Hilary using a private server is breaking the law and endangering the nation’s security and these complaints let Trump supporters chant the phrase “Lock her up!”, at their rallies.

An internal watchdog of the state department said that, Hilary using a private server did break department rules. After reviewing of her emails for the classified materials by the FBI, there were no criminal charges to be warranted.

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