Lufthansa Has its own Special Way of Celebrating Women’s Day

Women’s day celebrations where in full swing at Lufthansa Group. The airline company dispatched an all-female crew of 6 memebers to operate flights to Berlin on March 8.

Six 2-woman teams representing the Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and SWISS flew from Munich, Vienna, Frankfurt, Zurich, Brussels and Düsseldorf to meet at the Lufthansa-hub in Berlin.

Dr. Bettina Volkens, said in a statement, “We specifically look out for potential female employees on our application channels and we provide an employee-friendly working environment that means that family and work can be reconciled.” Dr. Bettina Volkens is Lufthansa’s chief officer of legal affairs and corporate human resources. “This allows us to attract more young women to supposedly typically male professions such as the pilot’s job,” he said.

Around 6 per cent of Lufthansa’s pilot workforce team comprises of women. As per the survey done by the ‘International Society of Women Airline Pilots’, the global average is about 3 per cent (Lufthansa’s figures, on the other hand, seems to fit accurately into European averages. The United Kingdome Civil Aviation Authority testified that just below 6 per cent of their pilots internationally are women). Estimation suggests that, globally there are only 4,000 female pilots.

Lufthansa’s cabin crews, however, comprises of 80 per cent of female and about ¼ of grounds operations staffs are women. The company says that they trying to hire more and more women in various managerial positions.

Lufthansa, last year as well, had hosted a very similar event, in honor of the World’s International Women’s Day, by sending 5 long-haul flights solely operated by women to the city of New York.

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