Magical Animals Captured By Globe-Trotting Cameraman With A Trick Of The Lens

The world is full of weird and wonderful creatures which boggle the mind – so you could be forgiven for thinking these images contain genuine animal oddities .

But creatures like this two-bodied zebra are not genuine freaks of nature but the result of clever photography by a quick-thinking lensman.

Wildlife snapper Robert Fraser captured the startling images as he toured the world.

But don’t be startled by the picture he took of a penguin on South Georgia – Pingu hasn’t gone and lost his head.

The headless penguin

We’ve heard of headless chickens but not a headless penguin

King penguins have double-jointed necks which allows them to bend their heads completely over to groom those hard-to-reach spots.

And Rob craftily photographed one in action, creating the illusion.


This bold beast has got some neck

Just as striking was the “two-necked” giraffe he captured in Kenya, with two of the animals blended perfectly together.

Also spotted out in the wild were a “two-necked giraffe” in Kenya.

The “conjoined zebra” was snapped in South Africa.

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