Malware Infections Increases On Mobile, Affecting Millions Of Devices

It has become a duty of India’s intelligence agencies like RAW and Intelligence Bureau and several state police were involved themselves with Italian Spy software maker hacking team to obtain surveillance tools which gives the data regarding infected target mobile phones to secret agent which has been disclosed by WikiLeaks (Why call the Russians man, they will hack all four data, without even knowing). It proves that the intelligence agencies could not able to confine their secret project within them so how could they will be able to help us for saving our personal information.

Now hackers are continuously targeting those mobile devices which has jeopardized and have personal information and led to increasing in the virus (They’ll surely find a lot like these) WikiLeaks discloses millions of emails from the Italian spy software maker which sold the spy technology to the Intelligence Bureau and Government Agency in worldwide. More than 16 million mobile devices has been infected by a malevolent software which has been used by web criminal to access our personal data (Web criminals are really very braniac and always stay out of their reach).

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