Man Declares To Have Found An Alien Artifact That Fell Off Of A UFO

This artifact fallen from a UFO is one of the many pieces of mounting evidence in Colorado that the area near the mountains has an underground alien base. Many glowing objects have been recorded over those mountains. Even police and mayors have recorded them, news agencies publish videos of them, but still the secret where the UFOs come from remains a secret. It is obvious, it is an underground base. The ground opens up and closes without even a trace of them traveling through it.


In 1985, White and a friend of his were driving from Denver to Las Vegas. They were the only ones on the road as they neared the Utah-Colorado border.




That’s when they saw it: a blinding white light in the sky about 100 yards in front of them.




That’s when White and his friend noticed some debris falling to the ground.


So far, the tests have yielded very little evidence that the object is of alien origin. The only confirmed finding is that it’s mostly made of aluminum.


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