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Man Opens a Bag of Chips and Finds Only One Crisp

You know what the most annoying situation is? When you are starving for food and buy a big packet of burger box, you find out that it just comes with the fillings. Barely, any toppings could be seen. How would you feel? Or you shell out your hard-earned cash over a box of doughnuts, and it comes empty! Significantly, you can expect some things not to be there while you are shopping for groceries; however, can you wait for a packet of chips to carry only single crisp?

You won’t simply play cool, right? You’ll get hyper and bag the store keeper? This is what had happened with a guy in the US who bought a packet of chips just to share and record the pack with one crisp. Yes, you read it right – only one crisp! However, once the boy knew about the single crisp in the packet, he decided to record a video.

A Facebook video posted by Hellen Abbott, one that has invited a vast range of opinions from online community, shows him opening the pack of chips and finding it abandoned except for a single crisp.


As usual, what was expected happened. Every big company doesn’t reply to the mail. The mother of the boy has sent an email regarding the issue describing a packet with single crisp and a bucket full of air. However, they have assured the customer about the compensation and ensured that this doesn’t happen with any other customer.

We hope the grocery store keeper compensates in the best way possible to maintain their status in the market.

Check out this video.

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