Marcel Somerville ‘Failed’ to Impress The Audience with his Cower Appearance


And it was on the show ‘This Morning’. Somerville was on the ITV show to offer love advice with resident agony aunt Deidre Sanders, but was left stuttering as he attempted to help one woman who wanted advice on her relationship.

Somerville lose all his confidence & he was very uncomfortable to speak anything there.


Somerville said: “I’d say having a baby shouldn’t be something that pushes you apart it should be something that brings you closer together.You’re starting a family innit, like you need to like…”

“Your boyfriend or your husband they’re going to need to… put a bit more effort in… your body’s changed a little bit.”


Clearly sensing his struggle, Ruth Langsford saved him saying, “He needs to give her confidence.” Getting himself back on track, Somerville, who is dating fellow Love Island contestant Gabby Allen, continued: “Yeah, he needs to give her confidence.”

Viewers were quick to voice their displeasure with one tweeting: “Oh my god Marcel doesn’t even know what to say, he had to be saved by Ruth! This is so cringeworthy #ThisMorning.”

Another posted, “Stuttering marcel giving love advice, cringe… thank god Ruth saved him #thismorning.”

Well, we advise Marcel Somerville to at least do homeworks before giving any advice, especially in front of the camera! You never know what conditions you might face. So, come out of your fantasy world & be prepared next time.

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