March-Past: School’s Way of Teaching Us to Differentiate Between Left and Right? Right?

As a kid the one sentence that we all dreaded to her was- ‘Summer vacation is over’ and trust me that ain’t a laughing matter. But all this aside, it was manly the 1st day of school we all hated. But once we would meet our partners in crime, it would be all fun and game!

I would define school as a paradise of learning, curiosity and socialization. A beautiful journey filled with cherished memories.

But, no today my agenda is not to spark those nostalgic feelings…I have some serious question that absolutely NEEDS to be answered!

What was the whole scene with the march-past thing? This question has seriously plagued me for all these year! And somebody needs to start answering.

Walking back and forth to those incredulously loud beating drums!

And let’s not forget the scorching sun. We would always have a girl or to fainting in my class (some even used to put up an act…I regretting that I didn’t)

I am not alone in this! I have a ranging army

I am a 99% sure that you share the mutual feelings as well.

I personally am no fan of math, but this is the extent I have gone through to put forward my plight!

Hours spent practicing marching at my school:

  • Four months per year = 80 W D.

  • One hour per day x 80 = 80 hours/year.

  • 80 hours x 12 years = 960 hr.

That is how I did my math! What’s yours?

It was maybe to help us master our walking skill?

That was the only sound answer I could think of…

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