Martin Lawrence doesn’t want a ‘Martin’ Reunion


This year’s August 27 will celebrate the 25 years of the famous American sitcom ‘Martin’. People haven’t forgot this show & Martin Lawrence’s situation comedy. But ‘Martin’  isn’t going to have any reunion.

Yes that’s true, & the thing has been confirmed by Martin Lawrence himself. “A reunion? No, we’ve done everything that we could do,” Martin Lawrence told on Tuesday. “There will be no reunion.”

Though Lawrence, 52, didn’t go into detail, he did make clear that skipping out on the nostalgia route wasn’t because of bad blood with the cast.

Martin Lawernce doesn't want a 'Martin' reunion

“I talk to Tichina [Arnold], Carl [Anthony Payne II] and I ran into Tisha [Campbell-Martin],” he said of his “Martin” co-stars. “Yeah, we’ve talked.”

Determined to only look ahead, Lawrence denied rumors of any more “Bad Boys” sequels starring him and Will Smith — despite both “Bad Boys for Life” and “Bad Boys 4” appearing on his IMDb page.

“There can’t be a ‘Bad Boys 4’ if there hasn’t even been a ‘Bad Boys 3,’ ” he pointed out. “The whole ‘Bad Boys’ — there’s no Bad Boys’ going on. There’s no ‘Bad Boys.”, he added.


Martin Lawrence is busy doing multiple TV projects. He is very fond of emojis & wants his own line of emojis as well. “So many people come up to me [and say] ‘What’s up?!’” he said of the decision to become the latest celebrity with a dedicated line of emojis, a group that includes Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna. “Everyone has emojis, why not me?”

Though he’s willing to walk down memory lane to “Martin” a bit, Lawrence, who got engaged in April, doesn’t necessarily identify with any of his onscreen alter-egos. He says that he don’t want to confuse himself with anyone of his TV characters.

Let’s hope for the best in Lawrence’s life & his upcoming TV career as well.

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