Martin Shkreli Releases Part of Wu-Tang

Martin Shkreli, the pharmaceutical executive well known for raising price of a prescription drug by more than 56 percent, has released music from the only known copy of a Wu-Tang Clan album, which is owned by him. Last summer, it was originally premiered and the show was called Martin Shkreli’s Game. As of now, the show will be called “Pharma Bro: An American Douchical!”

Rumors are that before the show could begin at Harvard, the pharmaceutical executive had to wait, as university police officers evacuated the building because unknowingly, someone pulled the fire alarm causing delay in the program. People were protesting against him and were demanding that Shkreli had to obtain permission from a federal judge to travel to Harvard for the event. Thus, the event got delayed for hours.

Shkreli is also known for his bad-ass attitude after he harassed a female journalist and was suspended from Twitter, too. He was also in the limelight when he himself sent a Twitter message in 2016 to a writer and wrote – “Heard the play sucked. Sorry that you are liberal and poor”. 

Least bothered by the protests, Shkreli told the protesters, “No one cares. Goodbye.” This statement made people think about him in a more negative way than they used to. There were people protesting against him with banners and posters, too. The protesters were more in form of students. A group said “He promotes and glorifies murderous financial practices”.

As per a report by The Boston Globe, Shkreli mainly focuses on fund management and health care. Shkreli also reportedly instructed US president Trump to start a drug company and that he would help him out in the venture to obtain success. For such and many more scandalous activities, he was jailed and got himself a bail by paying $5 million. As of now, he is free and as per our reports, he has got an approval to travel to Massachusetts.

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