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McDonald Shuts its 169 Outlets Post Dispute with Vikram Bakshi


It’s a bad news for all the McDonald lovers in India! McDonald’s have decided to shut its 169 restaurants across the northern & eastern region after a dispute with their Indian partner & Managing Director of Connaught Plaza Restaurants Pvt Ltd, Vikram Bakshi.

Vikram Bakshi told that the decision came as a “big shock” and the company was studying all its legal options. But this US company said it was ‘compelled’ to take the action because its partner Connaught Plaza Restaurants Pvt Ltd (CPRL) had breached the terms of their franchise agreements.

All it started by the move, McDonald’s India follows a protracted legal dispute with CPRL that started in 2013, when McDonald’s said Bakshi’s term as Managing Director had ended – a decision Bakshi challenged in the courts.


“They fell out because McDonald’s thought that Mr Bakshi was involved in irregular siphoning activities, so they wanted him to go,” said AS Chandiok, a lawyer representing Bakshi, who added that his client denied the allegations.

Though McDonald’s did not comment on the court dispute in its statement on Monday, but said it would try to mitigate the impact on employees, suppliers and landlords affected by the closure of the outlets.

The decision will affect the thousands of jobs of the people who were working as McDonald’s employees. The north and east Indian outlets under the McDonald’s-CPRL franchise employ 6,500 people directly and many more indirectly, said Madhurima Bakshi, a member of CPRL’s board.

Well, it’s not finalized who is the right in between Bakshi and McDonald’s, but it has come up as a sad news for the McDonald’s fans. Hope that the upcoming days will find a better solution to it.

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