McDonald’s captured The Real and True Progressive India in their awesome Ad

McDonald’s has always been our favourite fast food joints. It was not just because of the delicious awesome fast food that is available there, but also because there was everything for everyone. Vegetarians had a lot of veg varieties. Non Vegetarians had a lot of non-veg varieties. Even Egg only Non Vegetarians had some varieties at this awesome fast food joint.

McDonald’s has always been understanding of what the crowd needs. As Indian’s are averse to cow meat, you will never find any Indian McDonald’s serve you beef or veal. Generally Indian students prefer budget meals and McDonald’s has a variety of budget meals for you to choose from.

All in all McDonald’s is sensitive to all social and economic norms. This was further proven by the beautiful advertisement that was created by McDonald’s recently. Here are some of our favourite stills from the ad:


  • Celebrating Differences in Dressing Culture:


The girl on the left is dressed up in a more covered and ‘sanskari’ way and the girl on the right is more laid back and has tattoos and coloured hair.


  • Traditional Indian and Western Indian, all are unique and appreciable:


Whether you wear western attire or traditional Indian attire, at heart you are an Indian and patriotism is not in clothes but in soul.


  • Love doesn’t differentiate Veg from Non Veg:


Let it be however we are. The combination of unexpected and different things is always the best combo.


  • Marital Choices don’t Differentiate people:


They are different but they are together because of their love for McDonald’s. Fast food brought them together.


  • Kids are kids no matter the species:


Love has no species preferences either. You love who you want to. No one is stopping you.

Here is the beautiful video of the McDonald’s ad:

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