Mean Girls Memes that would make you ROFL all day long

There have been many movies that came and went away after being released in Hollywood. Mean Girls is one of those movies that kind of stuck with us. Lindsay Lohan plays the protagonist of the story, who was home schooled by her scientist parents in Africa and when they finally moved back to the US, she was put into a public school.

There she saw that the people were divided due to popularity but fortunately, a group of popular girls known as the plastics liked her. She found out later on why they were called the plastics. The movie is a really interesting high school comedy film and was critically acclaimed. The movie has an IMDB rating of 7/10.

Some of the meme artists have took it upon themselves to mold the movie scenes or dialogues and use them in hilarious ways. You won’t stop laughing. Here are few of the best picks of Mean Girl Memes:

  • Ooh… Kinky!!

What else can she put completely in her mouth? Any guesses? I got one! A complete six inches sub of subway. I know your dirty mind thought something else. Didn’t you?

  • Don’t you want me to look good for you:

Girls taking less than an hour to dress up is practically impossible. You would have a better chance of dressing up an unwilling dog within an hour.

  • That’s an Excellent Question:

You hurt the dark lord’s feelings. Voldemort: “AvadaKedavara!!!!” It’s a harry potter thing!

  • 404 Not Found:

Limit for Pettiness does not exist. You can take her word for it.

  • After Breakup

The first phase of a breakup is the sweatpants phase and I guess she is in that phase right now.

Mean Girls brought a lot of clarity and comedy in our lives. We love you Mean Girls!

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