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Meet Australia’s Youngest Snake Catcher Who Caught the First Snake at the Age of Two

As you all know, the youngest snake catcher in Australia was 24 years old when he took part in his first mission.

Jensen Harrison, who will be turning two this April, is the son of professional snake catchers and he has already accompanied his mother Brooke Harrison in few assignments even before he could walk.

Since he can speak a bit now, his favourite topic is ‘snake’. Within 24 hours of being born, Jensen was in the arms of his dad Tony Harrison, which made him familiar with snakes from the initial stage.

He is not only limited to snakes, but can also handle many other scaly creatures like blue tongue lizards and goannas. However, the youngster is not afraid of bigger forms of reptiles either.


In an interview, his dad said, “They see their kid as the hack because he is filled with great enthusiasm.” Jensen only touches the snakes, which are not harmful, whereas his dad makes sure to deal with the most dangerous snakes.

A crucial message the cute little kid is getting is that all creatures and all forms of life are very, very valuable, all thanks to his parents.

Speaking to a Brisbane media person, Tony said – “Knowing that it would be a tiny and very harmless snake, I knew that he would be keen to do it, so I just stood aside and let him take over.”

The home video demonstrates him in real life.

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