Meet Costa Rica’s Crocodile Man & His Buddy Crocodile Poncho

It’s only a matter of time until this dangerous shtick goes horribly wrong. Chito, “The Crocodile Man”, is a 52-year-old daredevil that spends his days taunting death by playfully wrestling with a deadly 17ft crocodile named Poncho! On the Crocodile Adventures website it describes the spectacle as: “One of the most amazing things that no cruise ship passenger will want to miss, the adventure show between the man and the crocodile.” Chito actually found the Poncho with a gunshot wound to its left eye. Poncho had been shot by a cattle farmer and was close to death. Chito took it upon himself to enlist some friends and save the wounded crocodile.

When I found Poncho in the river he was dying, so I brought him into my house. He was very skinny, weighing only around 150lb I gave him chicken and fish and medicine for six months to help him recover. I stayed by Poncho’s side while he was ill, sleeping next to him at night. I just wanted him to feel that somebody loved him, that not all humans are bad. It meant a lot of sacrifices. I had to be there every day. I love all animals – especially ones that have suffered.

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