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Meet’s Band Of Data Collectors Who’ve Knocked On A Million Doors

DDA Flats Dwarka. Photo : Parveen Negi

Gaurav Singh, 25, made around Rs 200,000 last year at his company, or 0.01% of what the company’s incorrigible ex-CEO, Rahul Yadav signed away earlier this year, in a few minutes of whimsy. While the stock options and obese paychecks are generally reserved for those with programming chops who constellate Housing, a cadre of workers — ‘data collectors, they are called — like Singh provide the company with precious information. They are the core assets because of whom Housing is now valued at around Rs 1500 crore and has, in the space of three years, garnered $120 million (Rs 760 crore) of funding from some of the world’s top investors and funds.1-1 “Data is the new soil,” Housing declares on its website and it is the want of men — and for now it is only men such as Singh who put in the hard toil of verifying apartments, put up for sale or rent, on Housing. While the organisation’s lissome website and app might effortlessly sort houses by price, security guards, dog friendliness and the proximity of grocers, Singh and 739 of his colleagues — each of whom are assigned with localities spanning a 10-15 km radius — are the ones who frequently liase with brokers and prospective landlords.Typically, those wishing to sell or rent houses via Housing contact the company, which send data collectors to gather details about the house. This is fed into the company’s database, sampled for errors and then finally put up on display. According to the company, so far, it has 625,183 listings in the rental category that translates to 600 million sq ft of inventory worth Rs 1,000 crore in monthly rentals. Additionally, its resale category lists 375,390 dwellings encompassing 400 million sq ft, worth Rs 230,000 crore.

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