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Meet The Real Life Mowgli Who Was Raised In the African Bushes!!


Almost everyone knows the story of the jungle boy named Mowgli, who was raised by a pack of wolves in the wild. However, that story compelled people to think about what would come of it if something like that were to really happen.

Alain Degre and Sylvie Robert took a trip to Africa and they were amazed at the beauty they witnessed out in the wild. They loved it so much that they started spending a lot of time hanging out with the animals they came across. While they were doing this they introduced their daughter, Tippi, to the animals as well and it was a perfect fit.

The animals loved her just as much as she loved them. They let her get close to them, pet them and become one with them. As you’ll see here the animals didn’t mind her one bit. As a matter of fact, it looks like they all welcomed her in like she was one of their kin.

The more time she spent with the animals the more she learned. There really isn’t any word on if anything went wrong at any point but from the photos it doesn’t really look like it. Her parents made a book out of their experiences called “Tippi: My Book of Africa”. Wish you could take a look at the snaps they clicked, well then check out the amazing pictures of the modern day Mowgli getting one with the wilderness!!

Meet The Real Life Mowgli Who Was Raised In the African Bushes!!

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