Memes on the Public Relation Disaster on an Overcrowded United Airlines Flight

About a month ago, a United Airlines passenger was dragged off of a United Airlines flight taking off from Chicago because the flight was overbooked and the airline needed some vacant seats for their cabin crew. Two aviation officers from the Chicago Airport dragged Dr. Dao off the flight and Dr. Dao hurt his nose as it hit an armrest of a chair on the plane.

The incident was humiliating to the United Airlines reputation and they have been trying to regain it ever since. People were outraged by this incident but you can’t stop the people who found this funny and put a humorous spin on the entire incident. Here are some of the memes about the incident:

  • A Public Relations Manager is needed at United Airlines:

This has opened a job opportunity for the people who would like to maintain the reputation of United Airlines!

  • Tagline Destroyed:

Skies aren’t friendly anymore. Winter has come and so have the Dragons. What? No Game of Thrones fans? Sorry…

  • App Update:

Bad timing United! You shouldn’t have added a drag and drop feature so soon!

  • Client Encouragement for Better Service:

If you need volunteers, then use love not war! People would willingly volunteer!

  • New logo designed for United competitors:


Southwest used this PR nightmare for their competitors and turned it into something good for their PR! Quick thinking southwest! Make sure you adhere to it as well. All the best!

  • The Training Video for United Airlines, Bloody and Deadly:

This is how we greet our lovely customers and once we are done, we vacate their seats, which are bloody by now, and give them to one of ours! Happy flying!

We do hope United Airlines pulls through this PR nightmare by providing to their customers what they have promised and learn from their mistakes to be better and much stronger!

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