Men and Women are Wired so Differently That They Can Never Understand Each Other

Man and Woman Speech Bubbles

The half of the population that is supposedly from Venus and the other half that is from Mars is always at loggerheads. There are few jokes at which only men can laugh and similarly there are things that only women can understand and laugh.  Let us see some jokes that make women laugh real hard.

  •    Why is gender revelation done through cakes, why not by smashing the piggy bank?

  •    How to explain to a seven-year-old that periods have nothing to do with weekends.

  •    This is indeed the perfect description of Bra…hahahahaha.

  •    Men often feel that women waste a lot of time and money on makeup…but believe me, it’s not easy for them also to wear a lot of makeup on a regular basis.

  •    This black hair tie around my wrist provides me with the reassurance that no man can ever provide.

  •    Real women are different than what the glamour world tells. They have curves, they are plump and they love all fattening things.

  •    The fairer sex is unnecessarily labelled as chatty….Men are no different.

  •    What media can’t believe about Trump, women can.

  •    Why do they bother what their husbands think of them?

  •    When late for the party and not finding anything suitable to wear, a 10-minute breakdown is a must.

  •    Behind every strong woman stands 5 more.

  •    Using the woman card at ATM gives only 79.

  •    This is the best….you consider them weak, they object and you consider them equal, then they will give excuse of being weak.

  •    Why do they make such expensive shoes that I can only touch and see and never try?

  •    Men often make a woman scapegoat just to fulfil their own selfish motives.

  •    Both men and women think that they are ones who suffer the most.

  •    Guys just label that women are mystery…Do they ever want to know who they are?

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