What Messages Are Bollywood Celebrities Most Likely to Get on Sarahah?

An anonymous messaging service, Sarahah allows its registered users to give a link to their friends or can post it publicly online. Anyone having access to the link can then send anonymous messages. The recipient has no idea or means to know who is sending those messages and he/she cannot even respond in any way.

Let us get a bit creative and try to figure out what our own Bollywood celebrities would have received if they were on this platform.

  • People have definitely asked our own Paresh Rawal aka Babu Bhai if he got hit on the head in childhood or was it an inborn trait.

  • What have you done in life without Mahesh Babu…? Salman Bhai

  • Alia, let’s see if you can get it right…Is Dino Morea the son of Ganapati Bappa Morea?

  • Hey, Preity, why do you boast off so much…everyone know how good genes he has.

  • Deepika would have got a string of messages all stating the same thing irrespective of her varied roles be it Mastani or Leela.

  • Karan would be at the receiving end from all Kangana fans.

  • Where were you Anushka when Kohli was playing? You need to be present.

  • Were you able to sell your Khajur?

  • Sir, you have taken the literal meanings of ‘Baal’ seriously.

  • Looks like you are quite fascinated with Chetan Bhagat.

  • Why do you tweet in the first place… it is a disgusted feeling to see your tweets.

  • While the actor got polished in Mumbai, in his long journey he lost his hair to its saline water.

  • Were you also young some day and got infatuated? Who was the girl?

  • I only like to be associated with things that have some social message attached to it on TV.

  • Senorita…..u know na… “bade bade shehron mei choti choti controversies are bound to happen.”

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