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Microsoft and Google to use Artificial Intelligence to extract Ad dollars!

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Tech giants Google and Microsoft are planning to use Artificial Intelligence. They have already highlighted flashy ideas like unbeatable Go players and sociable chatbots. Well, this feels like an interesting idea.

AI-powered moonshots like driverless cars and relatable robots will doubtless be lucrative when they will hit the market. There’s a whole lot of money to be made right now by getting fractionally more accurate at predicting your clicks.

Artificial Intelligence

And not to forget that Google and Microsoft are getting better at predicting our desires and clicks can be seen as a good thing. Such practices could be boosted by machine learning too. “If machine learning can improve the efficiency of their advertising platform by showing the right ad to the right person, then more power to them—they are creating value, but a lot of the things that Google has done haven’t enlarged the market.” In advertising, as in many other areas, AI can give tech companies great power, and responsibility.

Google and Microsoft, both are the firms which understand the upcoming tech needs properly. And utilizing Artificial Intelligence in the process, to make out new inventions will definitely get a different height of success. In near future, we will be using AI techniques for our normal domestic uses. Also, AI is expected to have a greater presence in the professional world as well. Hope we will find some greater inventions for our use, making our life easy and more comfortable.

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