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Microsoft Offers More Parental Leave, But Not As Much As Netflix

Microsoft is following Netflix’s lead with an updated maternity and paternity leave policy for employees. But Microsoft’s plan isn’t as generous as the video streaming company’s new unlimited offer. Tech giant Microsoft announced Wednesday in a blog post that it will give extra weeks of paid leave to both mothers and fathers starting Nov. 1.

Under the new policy, paid parental leave will be extended to 12 weeks for new mothers and fathers, while mothers will receive an additional eight weeks off, also paid in full. This means new mothers will be entitled to 20 weeks of paid leave. Mothers at Microsoft currently get 12 weeks of paid leave and eight weeks of unpaid leave while fathers get four weeks of paid time off and eight weeks of unpaid leave. Essentially, the policy update replaces the unpaid leave.

On top of this, Microsoft will allow birth mothers to use Short-Term Disability Leave two weeks prior to their scheduled due date “to manage the physical impact that often comes with late pregnancy and to prepare for the upcoming birth.”

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