Microsoft’s Kaizala: The Messaging App That Will Change Productivity In India

Mobility is becoming a necessity in a very short time span in our lives. In every job, regardless of whether you’re a book-keeper in the U.S., a contact focus specialist in India, or an advertiser in China, being able to work on-the-go is crucial. This necessity becomes a significantly more prominent need in certain cases.

Team mates within a project or company for internal conversation generally use various messaging apps like Slack, Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger. Another such app made by Microsoft which is not known to everyone in the industry is Kaizala.

Satya Nadela, CEO of Microsoft has Kaizala application was used by Andhra Pradesh government, and even the election commission has successfully improved their productivity by helping keep their employees to keep in touch with various facilities over the same portal.

This app for an experimental purpose is only launched in India in both Android and IOS version. The strange and interesting part is that, the app even supports the low-end smartphones and works very well on the 2g network too.

Rajiv Kumar, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft India in a recent interview with a news portal stated – “We as a company is successful in the venture efficiency space. However, does that always interpret on the versatile space? Presumably not. So the question for us was what is productivity in the mobile space.”


Kumar also said he met over 2,000 customers to understand their personal needs around the productivity of mobile. He compares India with China since China is leading in the mobile industry. With WeChat, you can do several things right from ordering pizza to paying bills etc.

The app was used to manage a festival in Andhra Pradesh in 2016, which resulted in extensive usage, and widespread popularity among thousands of customers.

Kumar also stated they have tried sending the message to over one million people and with many additional features like maintaining the hierarchy inside in organizations.

Microsoft stated that their main benefit is the data which will be used in Kaizala will be hosted in India itself, which will limit the data security concerns.

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