Millions of Email Address Exposed! What You Can Do is Here

711 Million Email Addresses Exposed How to Protect Yourself

A new online attack has targeted up to 711 million email accounts. Well, you need not scare a lot because only a few passwords, not all, have been taken.

According to a ZDNet report, the mobsters have compiled a massive database of 80 million email credentials. They have done it from a number of other breaches, such as the LinkedIn hack. These logins were then used to spam about 630 million email addresses.

How to check for your Email address?

So, now it becomes very necessary for you to check whether your Email ID is hacked or not? We have got the answers for you here –

Go for ‘Have I Been Pwned’ website to see if your email account information is in the hack. Spammers may not have much of your information apart from your Email address. Reports say that only a fraction of the 711 million targets could actually be infected by its malware. This is because the Onliners are working by sending two rounds of Email.

Have I Been Pwned

If ‘Have I Been Pwned’ says your email address is there in the Onliner dump, then there are two steps you need to take immediately.

  • Change the Password of your account
  • Have a separate, unique password for your account. Make sure that the password isn’t used in any other online accounts.

Create a password with letters in All caps, small caps, special characters, numbers. This will be really good for the safety of your account. Don’t use popular tags as your password.

If you are unable to create a really nice password, then take a look into a good password manager, which can help you create strong, hard-to-guess passwords. Also, do your best to avoid opening suspicious-looking emails, especially those that look like invoices for services you don’t pay for. The infectious emails contain a JavaScript file that does all the dirty work, pwning your machine.

The cyber security forces are active and they will be taking care of the threats and the problem will be solved for sure.

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