Morning Slumber and the Conspiracy of the Universe

Just when the clock strikes 4 AM, it is when you realize that you have officially crossed the threshold of staying-up, you finally give in decide to reconcile with bed. And just before you drift into your sweet slumber, what do you do? Set about a million alarms of course!

But this simply doesn’t seem to work out for many of! It as though the entire universe conspires against us…Okay I might sound crazy, but you need to hear me out!

  • The bed out of the blue, becomes cozier

  • The mosquitoes who just wouldn’t quite sucking our blood, now seem satisfied and are probably snuggling next to you.

  • The pillow! Yes, it somehow recollects that it’s not a rock and makes peace with its individuality, giving you just the right amount of comfort!

When does all this happen? Just when the alarm sets off! (I bet a lot of you’ll can sympathize with me now)

I even have a theory. So, if a survey was to be conducted worldwide, they would find about only 10 % of the Human Race would get up saying- ‘Good Morning’ while the rest of use begin our day with – ‘5 more minutes…’ and the snooze button.

The morning sleep is undoubtedly one the best things we enjoy. Even the worst of the alarm clocks can seldom wake us from our morning slumber. I wonder as to why we even keep an alarm clock…Probably because of the popular saying “Hope Sustains Life”. Maybe one day we can actually get up without snoozing our alarms.

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