A Mother End’s Up Having a 2 Hr. Long Text-Conversation with a Complete Stranger…Taking Him as Her Daughter!

It was a normal day just like any other when this 35-year-old man receives a strange message. He was merely enjoying his day off from work, minding his own business when things just start getting interesting…

It was a message from a woman who was trying to contact her daughter. It was no rocket science for him to figure that out, but it sure did take a hell lot of time for her to figure out that she wasn’t talking to her teenage daughter Jess. Even after the repeated attempt of the man to try to explain to her that she was indeed contacting the wrong person, the woman just outright refused to believe it! He even sent a picture of him and his wife, trying to explain it to her, but it was all in vain.

What then unfolds in a comedy of errors… It is downright hilarious that will for sure get you cracking!   

Check out the screenshots of their conversation. (Psst…There is use of foul language in the end so viewer’s discretion advised)


It was hilarious and alarming at the same time wasn’t it? But what was shocking was that once the woman grasped the entire situation, rather than apologizing she started accusing the poor guy (Which in his defense, tried his level best to explain the situation to her!). As the famous saying goes… ‘Offence is the best way of defense…’ But all’s well that ends well… I wonder if Jess and Brad were taken to the movie…

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