The Movie Main Hoon Na Is Rocking in India Even After 13 Years and New Memes Have Started Flooding the Social Media

The memes on the social media are the reason why most of us are found laughing each time we browse our feeds on phones. They are the reason why we survive a depressing moment at work or pass our time during the leisure hours. The best part about memes is that they never die and they get revived again and again with new content.

We are sure you must have watched the movie, Main Hoon Na starring the iconic Shah Rukh Khan, Sushmita Sen, Zayed Khan, Amrita Rao and Sunil Shetty. It was a classic movie, which we would have watched so many times over the years.

Recently, there have been a lot of trolls of this movie, especially for a particular scene. This scene from the movie is going viral. Here are some of these hilarious memes for the scene.

  1. Computer Science Takes It All
  2. “Gambhir:” Why So Serious?
  3. Aish Kisi Ki Nahi Hoti, “Bhai” Naraz Hai
  4. PopatLal Ji Pareshan Mat Ho
  5. Happy Raksha Bandhan Jamie Bhai
  6. Personally Nahi Lena Chahiye Kuch Bhi
  7. The Bollywood Race of the Khans
  8. Toh Apko Match Kaisa Laga
  9. Aisi Unhoni Mr.Dhoni
  10. Still a Suspense!
  11. Life of a Hosteller
  12. MayMay Is So Trendy

These were the popular Twitter uploads that were very hilarious and there are many more to come before this image gets exhausted.

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