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Mumbai – Allegations on InterContinental hotel of throwing out Guests for Politicians!

Adjunct Professor at Columbia Journalism School, Yogi Trivedi took to social media to share how he, along with some others, were thrown out of their rooms by the hotel management to make place for four politicians and their retinue.

They had no choice but to spend the night in the lobby with the hotel refused to provide them even with sheets and towels.

When Trivedi confronted the management, the management told that this was how the InterContinental Mumbai operates.

I rarely use my social media presence to complain about my otherwise privileged life and travels. Never, really. Today I speak, however, because I am surprised by how natural it is for humans to go back on their word to make an extra buck. When the entire city of Mumbai is floating under water. This fine five star institution and it's management is double-booking and pushing out its guests to make a few thousand rupees on some rooms. It is making room for local politicians and government officials who are looking for an excuse to use taxpayer money in a time of calamity And when I called out the General Manager on taking advantage of us and other guests, he said, "That's how it is. It's all about the revenue. I don't care what my staff promised you, told you. That's not how it works. We have given your rooms away. It is how we make a buck. You can sit in the lobby and have a coffee. I don't know what else to say to you. I am sorry that you feel that we have strong-armed you. This is how we function." His staff stood there looking at me in the eyes and lying in front of their boss to save their jobs. On his orders, they refused to offer the students a pillow or a blanket. Heck, not even a towel to cover themselves as they slept I can appreciate how we are a lot better off than many folks in Mumbai and Houston. I am grateful, we are. So why complain? No, not complain, but to reflect on the human condition One human being made the decision to make others suffer, to deceive, so that he could put a penny in the pocket of some rich tycoon who probably doesn't know his name. More than a dozen people decided to support that lie for it secures their present and future. How easy it is for us to look out for ourselves even if that means that others will misread our community, people, and nation. I also learned about human resiliency and journalistic passion. It's not all about five star hotels and yummy meals. My fellows responded exactly how I expected them to–with dignity, courage, and tolerance. How easily the tide turns–from the sea view suite to the floor of the main lobby. #intercontinental #ihgrewards #mumbai #marinedrive

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While whole of Mumbai is standing with their hands together to help each other fight the adverse floods, this has been a completely different news.

Also, Veteran journalist Vir Sanghvi tagged InterContinental hotel on Twitter asking them to respond to the allegation. He also shared how the hotel had done the same thing during the 2005 Mumbai floods.

“During the 2005 floods I was at Grand Hyatt & will never forget how they sheltered strangers. Then too,the Intercontinental threw out people.”

Here is the reply of the Hotel which is taken  as a response of Sanghvi’s tweet:

The city has experienced a heavy downpour since early hours of Tuesday, and like everyone else in Mumbai, our hotel has also been affected. Under the current circumstances, safety and comfort of our guests and colleagues is top priority for us. Our team is working persistently to make sure all our guests feel safe and as comfortable as possible. We can confirm that no politicians were staying at our hotel during the night in question.

Spokesperson, InterContinental Marine Drive

Well, this incident has been very unfortunate and if the alleged hotel has really done this, then they should make sure to not repeat it again.

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