Mutant breed of ‘sleepless slugs’ on the rise in Britain after warm winter halts hibernation

It has lead to a huge increase in the band of bugs, with up to 20,000 predicted to be living in the average UK garden


A breed of sleepless slugs are on the rise across Britain after the weather has proven too warm to send them into hibernation.

Experts say many slugs did not go to sleep during the winter and instead continued breeding through the usually-cold months.

This has lead to a population boom – something conservation experts are thrilled about.

Charity BugLife has predicted a huge increase in the bugs across Britain.

It told the BBC that the animals could lay up to 200 eggs per cubic metre.


And the charity predicted the average British garden could be harbouring up to 20,000 of the slimy bugs.

December 2015 was the warmest winter since records began in 1910, as temperatures reached around 7.9C (46F).

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