If the Names of the Bollywood Movies Were Like FRIENDS Episode Titles

FRIENDS is one of the most popular sitcoms in the world. There is not a corner in the world that hasn’t watched FRIENDS. Before Game of Thrones, FRIENDS was the most watched sitcom.

They had a very unique way of titling each and every episode of their series. By reading the name of the episode, you can easily find out what happened in that episode. Now Indian movies have some very confusing titles. What if these movies used the naming convention of the episodes of FRIENDS? What would their names be?

Here are some of the movie names using the naming convention of FRIENDS:

  • Piku:

Amitabh really couldn’t poop in the movie, but the movie wasn’t about this only. Anyways, that was the way they marketed it. So, this title is accurate.

  • Bajrangi Bhaijaan: 

Agree with this title as the kid stole the show in the entire movie. Bhai was there as a side actor in this one. We still loved Bhai!!

  • My Name Is Khan:

He wasn’t a terrorist in this one, but he was still a thief. He stole everyone’s heart! Superb acting SRK. We love you!!

  • Raees:

I don’t think he was a terrorist. He was just a businessman earning some money in the wrong way. Spoiler Alert! He dies in the end!

  • Bajirao Mastani:

He loved both of them dearly. After accidentally marrying her, he took care of her till he could. He is a really strong personality. I liked this movie a lot. An accidental love story of a warrier.

All these movies are iconic and just for fun, the FRIENDS way was used to present them in a humorous mode. The movie titles are really funny and hilarious.

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