Names That Can Really Be a Butt of Joke in India

Names and surnames can often become a matter of joke, especially if you move to a different country or a culture. Something that is quite respectable in one language can be an abusive word in other. Like for instance, the word ‘Randi’ means to respectfully say ‘please come’ in Telugu but the same word is offensive in Hindi. This can happen to Indian names abroad or vice versa.

It is better if those who are really sensitive should not move to places where their names or surnames can have offensive meanings.

  •    If you have a surname ‘Dikshit’ seeing people pronounce it as ‘Dick Shit’ is really hard to let go but either don’t move out of India and if you do don’t give a damn on how people pronounce it.

  •    The famous American actor John Lund would have never understood why Indians laugh at his name if he has come to India.

  •    The Non-Executive Chairman of Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team should be really thankful to the almighty that he was not living in India.

  •    The expert in leading high-performance sales teams Lisa Mah chut should be happy staying in Sydney. If in India she would be the centre of all jokes in a boardroom without even understanding why.

  •    Mrs Zuckerberg could only get respite in Andhra…anywhere in the north of India and God help her.

  •    Does Ben know that the Indian subcontinent remembers him thousands of times in a day?

  •    What a perfect name!!! Bas Dost….will he ever understand if his Indian friends are calling him or stopping him from doing anything.

  •    Ellen will always be pitiable in India…after all her name says ‘Bechari.’

  •    What a surname ‘SAALE’!!! Poor thing he will not understand why are people grinning while calling out to him.

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