The Nasty Burns That Are So Typical of Indian Dads

When it comes to Indian moms, we all know how close kids are to them and they are the ones who try to shield them from all.

But, kids are often found to be a bit distant from fathers and often they are also scared of him. Deep down this strict, serious person is often a gentle soul which has a heart full of love for his kids and who longs to be their best friend.

Let us see some of the nastiest burns that these desi dads come up with often.

  •    The moment son asks for bike keys, his antennas are raised.

  •    When a son tells him that he wants to be a cricketer, he will immediately come up with something that is in direct correlation with his studies.

  •    Father never asks the son to go for a haircut directly, instead, he will go round and round.

  •    He never approves of kids coming home late or at irregular times.

  •    Teenagers often spent a lot of time in front of a mirror which fathers feel like a total waste of time.

  •    Often this is the favourite dialogue of those dads who had younger siblings to take care of quite early in life.

  •    The moment son tries to tell him about his plans for some upcoming trip he nips the idea right in the bud.

  •    Though he always wants to provide the best to his kid, when the kid doesn’t come up to his expectation then he is really hurt.

  •    Not switching off the lights and fans on leaving the room is not taken easily.

  •    There is always a tussle between mom and dad where the former thinks her son doesn’t eat properly and latter thinks that his diet is equivalent to ten people.

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