Neglected and Misunderstood Characters that had a lot of Potential in Bollywood Movies

We are all fans of watching movies. Some prefer this type of entertainment because it is short swift and has an end unlike TV shows. Some like it because of the awesome storylines. If the movie doesn’t have a good storyline, they would hate the movie. Some prefer movies of select actors, as they are diehard fans of them, no matter how crappy the storyline of the movie is.

Then finally there are some who go for good exceptional acting and more often than not, these guys are much more impressed by the characters that were sidelined rather than the lead characters of the story. Some feel that these characters should have given more limelight and some feel that it was required by the storyline. Whatever the role of these sidelined characters, it could have been more than portrayed.

Here are some of our picks for characters in Bollywood movies that could have been more important:

  • Omkar from Dangal:

Omkar feels that he was just a dummy for training of Geeta and Babita. He could have been a wrestler too if his uncle had trained him.

  • Elizabeth from Lagaan:

Aamir Khan’s character literally ignored Elizabeth’s feelings for him. She learnt Hindi; she spent hours in the sun, just for him.

  • Preeti from DDLJ:

Raj shouldn’t have messed with her feelings.

  • Narayan Shankar from Mohabbatein:

He just wanted the students to focus on education rather than teenage love, which doesn’t generally last forever.

  • Aman from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

According to me, he loved Anjali more than Raj did. What do you think?

Indian cinema is built on twists and turns that make someone the bad guy and someone the good guy. But if you look at it closely, generally the bad guy had his reasons, which were valid according to his perspective.

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